What is GamerPoets?

GamerPoets is a wondrous aberration. It is something that wasn’t meant to be and continued only because of you who are reading this now. It began as a distraction. It continued as a dream. It remains as a thank you. To indulge in more detail and to be introduced to the eccentric behind the videos check out my interview with Nexusmods.com – Welcome to a community that gives a crap without taking any – Michael of GamerPoets

What can you find here?

GamerPoets offers two types of content: cinematic roleplays for both The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series and in-depth gaming tutorials. Text tutorials are created first and then videos as time allows. We can always use more help on the text side of tutorials from people who are passionate about a given topic.

Who are GamerPoets


GamerPoets was founded by Michael, who is the main guy behind GP. He researches and creates all video tutorials and his roleplay series ‘The Tale of Paxton’, ‘Sawyer´s Saga’ and more.


The creator of the SkyFalls/SkyMills mod for Skyrim serves as a technical and personal assist to Michael. GamerPoets wouldn´t be able exist without his help.