What is GamerPoets?

GamerPoets is a wondrous aberration. It is something that wasn’t meant to be and continued only because of you who are reading this now. It began as a distraction. It continued as a dream. It remains as a thank you. To indulge in more detail and to be introduced to the eccentric behind the videos check out my interview with Nexusmods.com – Welcome to a community that gives a crap without taking any – Michael of GamerPoets

System Specs

Editing PC

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • CPU: i7-4790
  • GPU: GTX 980
  • RAM: 32GBs
  • Monitor: SEIKI Pro 42″

Gaming PC

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • CPU: i5-6600K
  • GPU: GTX 1080
  • RAM: 32GBs
  • Monitor: SEIKI Pro 42″
  • Controller: Xbox 360 (steady panning)

Rendering PC

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • PCU: i7-6700K
  • GPU: GTX 980 Ti
  • RAM: 32GBs
  • Monitor Samsung 28″


  • KVM Switch: IOGear
  • NAS: QNAP (viewed on Samsung 28″)
  • Mixing Board: Allen & Heath ZED14
  • Mic (edited content): Blue Baby Bottle
  • Mic (live content): Blue Yeti
  • PreAmp: Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic2000
  • Mic Stand: K&M Boom
  • Sound Control: Auray Reflection Filter, Blue metal pop screen, Secondary Nylon pop screen
  • Sound Monitors: M-Audio BX8
  • Internet: Hardwired, 113MB Down, 224MB Up

Editing Software

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Audition

Recording Software

  • ElGato HD60 (hardware/software, pc to pc)
  • Bandicam (desktop snap shots)
  • Open Broadcaster Software (live stream)